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You’re Still God

This song gave comfort to my heart knowing that whatever I’m going through there is still a God who is in control of everything. I love the part where the song said “Lord fill me with your grace” – it’s the cry of my heart. In the middle of my struggling heart and mind I asked God to do what He wants but that He fills me with enough Grace so I can humbly trust His will and have the serenity to accept what He will allow to happen.

I don’t know what the future may bring, but I pray that I may humbly surrender my will to God and let Him have control over my life. May this song be an inspiration to all of you as well.

Let God be God!

Listen to the song:


Jesus,I love you
And I believe all that you’ve said.
I know your promises,they are true
Beyond my questions
And times when I just don’t understand
Help me remember Lord
The answer’s in your hands
So I sit at your feet and I listen
For your ways are much higher then mine

Do what you want to do,I give my all to you
Whatever you ask of me
Lord fill me with your grace.
Do what you got to do,I surrender my life to you.
I’m never whitout a prayer.
You’re hope inside my heart.
I know you’re still God

Jesus,I need you
I have been wandering in the dark.
Whenever I call your name
There you are
You have been faithful
Even when I have I have turned away.
I’ve seen your mercy
Always light my way.
So I sit at your feet and I listen
For your ways are much higher then mine.

Every storm you lead me trough
I will put my trust in you
Give me grace to carry on

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