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The Earth Is Filled With His Glory

When I woke up this morning, my husband was already listening to a sermon about Moses and the burning bush.  I was very blessed with the preaching and I must admit that the word of God never fails to amaze me.  I have always heard the word “The earth is filled with His Glory” but I never understood it the way the preacher has explained it.  He said that the people are profane not because of the absence of God’s holy presence, but because we choose the profane over the holy.

He further said that the world we live is full of God’s glory, that the nature itself is manifesting God in every possible way we can imagine and yet people choose not the holy things of God, but the profanity of the world.  The preacher said holiness is not something exclusive to the elite, or the brightest minds or even the wealthiest.  God has made it available to everyone of us.  We only need to choose.  We can choose to see the world we live as an “earth that is filled with His glory” or we can choose to profane ourselves by exactly the same world because we don’t see God in it.

I was very inspired when he said that the church itself is a constant reminder of God’s holiness.  We come to church every Sunday and yet most of us fail to realize the sacredness of the place.  He said when Moses turned to see the burning bush, God told him to remove his sandals from off his feet because he is standing on a holy ground.  There is nothing special in that piece of land where Moses was standing.  The dirt and materials of that real estate is nothing extra ordinary, but it was God’s presence that made that ground holy!  Moses was entering a threshold, a doorway so to speak that separates the profane and the holy and we have the same experience every time we commune with God, whether at home or at church in hearing or meditating on God’s word.  It is amazing really.  This opportunity to see and experience God and His holiness.  To experience His supernatural power making His presence known to us.   He makes His presence and His glory fill this very world we lived in so that we may believe in Him and that our faith be strengthened.

Everyday we are bombarded with temporal things that it sometimes numb our spirits and  we are pulled down heavily by the things that quickly passes away.  I am truly thankful to hear the preaching this morning because it made me rethink twice the kind of life I am living.  The whole earth is filled with His Glory!  I am so amazed at the revelation of this simple word.  I am comforted knowing that the God I serve is not imaginary,  He fills the world I live in with His glory – what can be more assuring than that!  When we look up, the heaven declares His glory.  It’s like God telling us “do not doubt or be unbelieving” I am filling the world with my Glory so you can see that I am real, that I am here and ever present.

There is no more reason to choose profanity over holy.  The God that we serve has fully made it known to us what He wants from us, a holy life.  If you ever get confused with the choices life is throwing at you, remember these words “The Earth Is Filled With His Glory”, it will make it crystal clear to you to choose the holy over the profane.

May we all live a holy life, because the God that we serve is holy.





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