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Mercy Said No

There is a song that I love entitled “Mercy Said No” it talks about God’s love and how His mercy would never let us slipped out of his hands and how we should no longer be afraid. It’s a message of great assurance that no matter what happens, the love of God and what he did on the cross will keep us safe, and that one great day we will be with Him in eternity.

The phrase “when sin demanded justice for my soul, mercy said no” struck me so completely that I have cried uncontrollably in my seat. I felt God’s grace so divine that when it was justified for me to suffer for my sins; He took my place and had mercy on my soul. How can I ever turn back on such a great love, and who would walk away unchanged when you realized how much the Lord has suffered just to set us free from the bondage of sins.

It talks about the wars were still having inside and of how sometimes the struggles we face makes the “sacrifice so hard to see”, but all we have to do is to remember the grace of God, and how he made it possible for redemption to flow freely from the cross – that no amount of evil persuasion will deny the truth that we were saved on that day.

The song talks about the almost hopeless situation when the people thought their hope will die together with Christ on the cross and there was no where to turn “as evil tries to stop redemption flow, mercy said no!”, the Lord did not allow it and on Jesus death the light of hope shines brighter than ever. It’s wonderful to know that through all the struggles and the pains we may endure, His grace and His mercy will never let us fail – He won’t just let it, that’s how great is His love for you and me.

And if you ever feel like giving up or that somehow you’re feeling unworthy, don’t. Because the blood of Jesus was shed for us and that one day long ago “mercy said no!? May we all be reminded of God’s sacrifice and never lose sight of our eternal goal.

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