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Loving My Children

I was so touched by a song performance of this teenager who was very shy because of his appearance.  He was a big man and yet the interview revealed how small he feels about himself and how he felt so insecure.  He felt wounded when someone would say unkind things to him.

I was so moved as a mother seeing him and I remember my own children (4 of them) and an overwhelming need to protect them from experiencing that kind of emotional insecurities.  The current world we live in demands beauty and perfection and you will see that in every advertisement.  Our society has began to have low tolerance for imperfections and if we don’t embrace our children and appreciate them, they may grow up broken like this teenager.

It is a reminder for me to be more tolerant of my kids.  To appreciate them, encourage them, discipline them so they are presentable when they go out.  I need to nourish them, guide them and show them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made by God.  I want to fill them with love so that they go out in confidence, knowing that they have a home with people in it who loves them and will protect them.

So many children are growing up with absent fathers and mothers and it’s doing a lot of emotional damage to them.  When they go home from school crying in desperation because someone said unkind things to them, they find an empty home with no one to turn to for comfort.  I thank God that my work allowed me to stay at home and to be present when my children have problems.

There are days when I feel that my kids are distracting me from work, but I thank the Lord for this gentle reminder that they are more important than anything else in my life besides God.  I really need to nurture them in love, patience and discipline so that when they go out in the world, they won’t feel as broken as this teenager.

This teenager go so big and it has become his problem even as a child.  Then I am reminded that I need to discipline my own kids (even in food) so they don’t get so big they become a laughing stock among their friends.  As a parent, I sometimes have the tendency to allow my  children just do what they want in order to save some time so I can be free to do the things I need and want.  But thankfully this video has reminded to be a constant “hands on” mom.

The boy on this video has a very wonderful voice and how I wish he wasn’t as wounded inside.  I can’t do anything for him, but I can do something with my own kids.  I will love them, care for them, embrace them, encourage them always, and watch my words that they remain positive (at least majority of the time) so they would grow up strong and confident about themselves.  When they do, they will be able to love the same way and help others in need too!

Watch the video below.

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