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I was looking at my 4 children this afternoon and was wondering if my life would inspire them to believe the God that I serve. I was asking myself it what I’m doing will be enough to spark a fire of faith in their lives. There are many days when I’m busy at work or in the ministry and my kids gets what’s left of me and I feel guilty about it.

So tonight after spending some quality time with them I have this urgent feeling that I need to spend more, do more, be more for them. Life and the time we have is so precious that every opportunity that passes is an opportunity lost. I want to create more beautiful experiences, memories and life changing events for my kids that will lead them, inspire them to embrace the same faith that I do. I don’t want to fail in my most important ministry – and that is to minister to my children.

Whatever I do outside of my home will mean nothing if I fail my children. Whatever successes I gain in work or in the ministry that I serve will fail in comparison to the heartache that will come IF my children will not come to know and love the God that I serve.

I thank the Lord that He has shown me this while it’s yet day. While my kids are still young and I have not yet lost the opportunity to inspire them and start the spark of faith in their hearts. I pray that I may love them more, be able to lead them more to follow Jesus and accept Him as their Savior.

I pray that our children will find us faithful. May our lives be a great inspiration and testimony for them to obey and accept Jesus as their Savior.

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