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A Call for Agape Love

About 2 weeks ago, the sermon that was preached in our church was all about divine love or Agape kind of love.  It is then where I began to understand the true meaning of love, the sacrificial kind of love that Jesus has demonstrated for us. I was so blessed to understand how deep Agape love is.  It comforted me
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Find Us Faithful

I was looking at my 4 children this afternoon and was wondering if my life would inspire them to believe the God that I serve. I was asking myself it what I’m doing will be enough to spark a fire of faith in their lives. There are many days when I’m busy at work or in the ministry and my
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You’re Still God

This song gave comfort to my heart knowing that whatever I’m going through there is still a God who is in control of everything. I love the part where the song said “Lord fill me with your grace” – it’s the cry of my heart. In the middle of my struggling heart and mind I asked God to do what
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The Abundance of God’s Blessings

This afternoon I took a break from work and started reading my devotional. I read a few pages and it was all about God’s blessing and obedience to His word and I am amazed. It is true that if we can only trust and obey the commandments of the Lord, then this verse will happen in our lives… “we will
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The Holy One of Israel Is My God

Last Sunday while we were singing a song at the church, a line in the song said “holy, holy, holy is the Lord”.  Suddenly this simple words had a profound impact in my heart. I began to understand how deep is the meaning of God’s declaration that He is holy.  It summarizes everything that is God.  He is holy, and
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