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A Reason To Rejoice Again

The Lord has given us a reason to rejoice again in the ministry.  The past few Sundays has been nothing but AMAZING!  He is changing the hearts of the people and calling the unchurched to surrender their lives to Him and people are witnessing the mighty outpouring of God’s spirit in our midst.

I remember last year when I felt so discouraged in the ministry.  I can’t see past the pains and the criticisms and it almost blurred my vision that giving up was an option I was already contemplating.  But I thank the Lord because He knew my pains and He heard the cries of my heart.  The things that caused us pain, are now exactly the same reasons for us to rejoice again in the name of the Lord.  Who can do such wonder?  Only God! Only God!

The things I thought impossible, He made possible.  He made a way, and how marvelous it was.

And what did I learn from all these?  That it’s important to live by grace and wait on God to work.  However difficult situations may become, grace is still the best thing to hold on to because when the right time comes you will not be ashamed but you will rejoice in the Lord!




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