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A Feeling Of Hopelessness

There are times in our lives when we feel some form of hopelessness and we feel so discouraged to continue. I have those moments today. I feel overwhelmed by a lot of things but most especially by my failures and wrong decisions.

We have been under a very tight financial situation throughout this year and today have been a very difficult time for me. I am desperately needing a respite from the worries of how we could cope up the next day, where to get the resources needed to pay the bills and all that. Sounds familiar? Are you in the same situation?

But as I write down my feelings right now, I realized that my burden have been somewhat lightened. Not because I already have a solution to our financial problem, but just because I chose to write down my feelings. The problem again feels more bearable and I can shake my self up and square my shoulders ready to face the coming days again. I know there’s an end to this depressing situation not because I’m just wishing it, but because we are actively working to regain our finances.

Now that I have cleared my head I can see that we’ve covered a lot of bases already and we are in the final leg of this crisis. Yes I’ve felt like giving up, but looking now at what we have accomplished so far lifts my spirit because I know that the Lord is helping us to bear the consequences of our own mistakes.

Isn’t that wonderful? That even though I’ve brought the financial crisis to our family through wrong choices and lack of wisdom, He is still full of grace to give me the strength to weather the storm. Oh I thank the Lord for His wonderful grace and mercy. Truly His faithfulness will never fail and I am now once again, with strengthened resolve can see hope in our tomorrow.

I hope you can find a reason for you to continue too.



Now, after almost 1 year the Lord has delivered us and enabled us to fully settle all our debts – praise the Lord!

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